Betsy DeVos and Educational Freedom

Betsy DeVos is nothing if not an individual who is eager to promote positive reform in this world. She’s had a zeal for educational reform for longer than most people can picture. Reform in general is nothing new to her at all, either. DeVos has been a driven reformer since her Calvin College years. She’s been a big player in the reform universe for over three full decades. She has no plans to reduce her reform efforts any time in the future. DeVos has a great partner. Dick DeVos, her husband, is equally fascinated by the concept of strong and effective reform.


There are many topics that keep DeVos awake and contemplating things at night. Choice in education is just one of them. DeVos is a person who wants people who live in the United States to be able to choose the specific educational institutions their children attend. She doesn’t like the idea of randomness in the educational realm. DeVos has been a participant in the educational choice path for a while. She is a caring mother who naturally had children who used to go to school. That in and of itself is why she’s so enthralled by the concept of rock-solid educational choice. She went to the Potter’s House Christian School long ago. This was back when her youngsters still were in school. The school has accommodated the educational needs of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s poor households for over three decades. She came across fellow parents while she was at Potter’s House Christian School. These parents tried hard to give their children access to educational settings that were secure. They wanted to make sure that their children were able to thrive and prosper in educational settings that were productive and dependable. Betsy and DeVos went to Potter’s House Christian School together time and time again. They would always deeply contemplate their experiences there afterward. They were fully aware of the fact that they were equipped with the wherewithal to provide their own children with well-rounded educational experiences. They, at the same time, knew all too well that these other parents were not that fortunate financially. They know that it was extremely difficult for these parents to cover tuition for their kids. They knew that they had to give up a lot in order to do so. They, because of that, began helping specific students who were enrolled at the institution. Learn more:

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