Jim Larkin’s History

James Larkin’s first home was a slum in England. He studied in Liverpool for a while and started working from middays. His school schedule had to change because of what his family was going through back at home. When Jim was seven years old, he was so compassionate about the people who were close to him. One would imagine that he vowed to never let them down, because of the sacrifices he made for them.


His age soon turned 14, and with the fast moving, times came sorrow. His father was no more. James Larkin became many things including a docker and sailor, with an aim to raise funds for his good upbringing and also his family.


The job of sailing did not earn him much, so he quit and became a docker for the better part of his youth, until his recruitment to the most envied organization, the National Union of Dock Labourers. NUDL served both him and the community well, as it was dedicated to voicing the needs of workers of the Liverpool Docks and also other parts of England and Ireland.


Due to disagreements on leadership and Larkin’s rough methods in carrying out the union’s activities, he was asked to leave permanently. He was later arraigned in court for claims of embezzlement of union funds, a claim that Larkin denied. He was jailed for a few months before he was pardoned.


James Larkin then saw the properness of having an organization for uniting Irishmen, so ITGWU was started. He held the envied position of the Secretary-General, a post that would later come to be of much importance to him.


The Irish Labour Party soon came into formation with both Larkin and James Connolly on its leadership. The two friends led the Dublin Lockout which marked in the calendar of history, the greatest strike of 1913.


James Larkin then sought to fund against British men due to the war that had started. His US visit led to his subsequent arrest in 1920 and deportation in 1923. Not being weak hearted, he continued with union activities until he bid life bye in 1947.

The life of Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald has a successful career and life. He works for everything he has in life and earned it as well.

Ronald knew from when he was younger that he wanted to be in the Marines and was always sending in applications to be admitted

. This was when he got sad due to the fact that he was too young and that he had to wait until he was older to serve. Ronald served in the Marines and graduated from Army Jump School. He was also a member of the police force and he even led a swat time. This was when he was introduced to First spear which continued to be present during his time as a Marine. He has over two decades of experience in design, development, and even gear for those who were in the Military. He did all of this when he was a Marine because they are always looking to be safe in the gear they work with when they are doing their job. He also has experience working for a sales group when in the military and on the base that he was living on.

When he started working at First Spear he was able to bring in the skills and the roles that he knew how to do which was an essential part of who is was as a person. He was very pleased to be able to know more about the gear that was being used on him everyday when he was enlisted. He was even more excited when he found out the things he wanted to know more about were being made in his hometown. He talks about the passions he had and says that his passion was what brought him to First Spear. He was always talking about the way the gear held together when it was being worn and how it fit which is why he was interested in finding out more about the gear from FirstSpear.

Ronald Fowlkes was always wanting to know more about the gear he was working with which was why he decided to join the FirstSpear time and try to understand more about the making of the gear. From an early start there was always an interest in joining the Marines and when he did that there was always the interest in the work gear that he used. Even more interest when he found out it was being made in his hometown.