Michael Lacey

Mathematics can be a pretty intimidating subject to a lot of students, this is why Professor Michael Lacey dedicates so much of his life to not only teaching but also mentoring his students. His dedication to the field of mathematics and its advancement has made Michael Lacey very respected in his career and admired by many of his students. From an early age, Michael Lacey showed an interest in math and loved completing puzzles of any kind. This love of math led to his career in teaching and research.


Currently, Michael Lacey holds the position of Full Professor at Georgia Tech. His career started with assistant professorships at Louisiana State University as well as the Chapel Hill’s University of North Carolina. After the University of Carolina, he taught at Indiana University until 1996. While teaching here, he earned his first postdoctoral fellowship from the esteemed National Science Foundation. He used this opportunity to be able to study the Hilbert transform. This bilinear transform had come under conjecture by Alberto Calderon at the time.


As a professor, Michael Lacey tries to prepare his students for their future classes and careers. He not only gets involved with his students’ education through extensive mentoring, he also tries to keep them entertained. While some of his students may not appreciate the fact that he encourages group work, this process helps prepare them for the future where they will most likely have to work with others to solve problems at some point in their careers. Michael Lacey enjoys working pop-culture references into his lessons and while some may find some of it a little contrived, many enjoy it. For example, his lecture on Futurama is still talked about to this day along with his freestyle raps about math. Michael Lacey is a great asset to the staff at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he currently acts as the Associate Chair for Faculty in his department.

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