Rocketship Education is One in a Million

Rocketship Education is an approved school that is not for profit, and it is based in San Jose, California. The program has a network of K-5 schools that is fixated on individualized learning, and it was established in the year 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner. Their motto states that at Rocketship, they believe that every kid is entitled to a brilliant education and in that case, they can easily get admission to college which is a journey that begins in kindergarten. Therefore, this program makes sure that more than three-quarters of the students that attend this program get offered free lunch as food could as well be a problem in their homes. Being a free program, one would expect that the school would perform poorly especially with the enrollment of many students after it was founded. Surprisingly, the school did well as the students scored in the same level in their assessments as other schools that were in existence before the programs’ existence. In that case, the program got a lot of approval from the community and was regarded as an advanced option for students from low-income families. With such acceptance, Rocketship Education has grown massively and has expanded to several locations like Milwaukee, Nashville and the Bay Area.

Being a good course, the Rocketship Education program has received funding from various individuals and institutions. For example, Andre Agassi a former tennis professional funded multiple facilities related to the initiative precisely the Rocketship Rise Academy in Washington, D.C. Additionally, he dedicated the Rocketship United Academy in Nashville. In 2015, Netflix Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings donated $2 million towards the program to offer support to the Bay Area. Additionally, the Obama administration also invested $2 million towards the development of the program. With such help, the program has been able to assist a lot of children successfully. For such commitment and generosity, the Rocketship Education program has received an award from the Education Department. Therefore the program was offered a grant of $250 million to fund the management organizations for the construction of new schools.

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