Social Media – “I Came, I Saw, I Selfied”- by Ann Scango

In Ann Scango’s recent article recapping Jai Jai Fei’s expert opinion about art being posted on social media, she explains how art is not being appreciated and respected as it used to be. Social media is diminishing the value of art. Art has become something people just mindlessly share, like, and scroll passed everyday. The whole experience of art stems from taking a feeling and turning that feeling into real life.

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A few decades ago, scam artist would personally take time to clear their schedule to go through risky and extreme measures just to steal artwork from museums. In this day and age, technology has truly taken over. Stealing art is easy and can be done by anyone with a smart phone. Jai Jai expresses how illegally posting pictures of restricted art work on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook is dematerializing. When these illegally captured photos get shared around and liked, it takes away from the live heartfelt experience that comes along with seeing the art in person. Although it may allow some people that do not have the opportunity to visit the exhibit get a small glimpse, it also gives people a reasons not to go because of prejudgement. The personal experience becomes a short encounter as the art becomes just another post or photo on the internet. The reputation of art is most definitely salvageable. It all starts with people. As long as everyone is educated and aware of the complexities that come with the art experience, the art community will not have to parish from lack of appreciation.


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With a future filled with beautiful art, Ann Scango, a local artist from Austin, Texas, uses her extra time to craft a variety of unique 3D creations. The material she uses in her sculptures ranges from polyurethane foam to smaller objects such as mulch from her own garden. Ann’s confidence and inspiration encouraged her to create her own business specifically dedicated to her art. Perusing an entrepreneur lifestyle comes with many challenges. To create a consistent stream of income took Ann a long time to achieve. Nothing was too impossible for Ann’s dreams and ambitions. She knew from the first moments she realized her dream that she was going to achieve it without a doubt. Ann advises and encourages aspiring artist to make mistakes, take risks, and never stifle their inner voice.

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