Marc Beer: Fighting Pelvic Disorders in Women

Marc Beer is the CEO and the co-founder of Renovia incorporated, which is a new start-up. They are positioned to move along full steam ahead with their new products that focus on pelvic floor disorders. The company was successful in a series b round of funding in the amount of $32 million dollars. In addition to that, it was able to score $10 million dollars more in new venture debt capital.


The company is located in Boston and continues to develop and create therapeutic and diagnostic products. They are all geared toward treating pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence. Studies have shown that the research reveals nearly 250 million women are affected by this issue. The FDA approved Renovia is its initial product called Leiva back in April. One of the funders that joined the series b funding round was The Longwood fund, a well known investment firm, that targets healthcare focused companies such as Renovia. The entire process was guided by a New York company called Ascension ventures out of Missouri and Perceptive Advisors. All funding is raised for the testing and development of adding four diagnostic and therapeutic products. This also includes a new Leva device which is an addition.


Beer states that they are extremely thrilled to get the support of these groups who lead in the industry of healthcare as investors who share their same vision. He further goes on to say that they also understand his company is always looking for ways to better diagnose, improve and treat women living with pelvic disorders. In the rest of his statement. Beers shared that Renovia is actively combining proprietary and new sensor technologies that will form with a digital health platform. The goal is to give customers information that is valuable and up to date about new treatments. Beer also states that his company has a firm understanding when it comes to pelvic floor disorders and hopes to help people become more knowledgeable about it.


Marc Beer has nearly two and a half decades of experience when it comes to the commercialization and development in biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and devices. His company continues its mission when it comes to fighting new therapies for patients suffering from these rare debilitating diseases. It was in 2010, When Beer’s company marketed a product with the title of Juxtapid and received media approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. During the time this drug was on the market it was approved in nearly 36 countries across the world. Learn more :

OSI Group: A Success Story

OSI Group is a worldwide food supplier conglomerate, which began as a small butcher shop in Chicago, IL, by Otto Kolschowsky. Little did he know that a relationship with a slightly-known franchise called McDonalds would catapult him into the worldwide stage of food suppliers. As an immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky started his small company, Otto & Sons, which became the food supplier for McDonalds, using its state-of-the-art cryogenic freezing technology. As McDonalds grew, so did Otto & Sons, both domestically and internationally. Otto & Sons became OSI Group as they expanded their product line and their global business. Part of the success of OSI Group includes the addition of key employees with vision and passion for growth. Some of these people included David McDonald, President and COO, and Sheldon Lavin, chairman and CEO.

OSI Group has grown from being a small Chicago company to having locations and headquarters around the globe. The company can be found in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and the Pacific Rim. Much of the growth can be attributed to the company’s research and development initiatives. Investing in research and development allows the company to create a unique relationship with its customers. Technology not only improves on current processes, but it creates new processes that can appeal to both current and prospective customers. To know mre about the company click here.

As the company has grown, so has the diversification of its products. However, even though the product line has expanded to include chicken, hot dogs, fish products, pizza, sausages, and other non-meat products, the company continues to customize its products for its customers. They have the ability to adapt their products depending on the customer need. This ability is what separates OSI Group from its competitors in various market places. It is evident that they still have the hunger and drive to lead to way in the world of food suppliers and will continue growing in many new and exciting ways.

Guilherme Paulus Is a Man of Immeasurable Entrepreneurial Skillls

Most people find business a risky venture since it comes with a lot of uncertainties. One is not sure whether the money they invest would multiply or if it would be another loss to record. For this reason, most people prefer working in the offices and holding various positions in the corporate world, instead of starting their own businesses. Guilherme Paulus wasn’t this type of a person. He knew the world had great things for people who risk a lot and those who don’t fear taking business opportunities when they come. Today, Paulus is a business guru and an expert on investment matters. Read his articles at Revista 100 Fronteiras to know more.

He developed a vision of changing the tourism sector many years ago, and this is what he has achieved. He noticed the Brazilian tourism sector wasn’t doing well and that something needed to be done. At 24 years, he started a tour business, and he was convinced it would grow to some astounding levels. He had some exceptional marketing strategies he needed to practice in his own company. Although his company was still a novice business in the tourism industry, he knew it would be a force in entire South America one day. Guilherme Paulus believes any business can attain any level of exponential growth curve if the right marketing strategies are put in place.

How you market your business would determine where it would be five years from now. Paulus knew he needed to channel a lot of resources to advertise his company if he would make it a market leader. This passionate businessman was busy looking for some buildings to buy. However, Guilherme Paulus was choosy when it comes to the location of the buildings. He mainly considered buying buildings that were close to an airport. This strategy favored him most since he could buy them at a considerable price those days.

His main aim was to own several hotels the tourists would consider their home. This wasn’t just a thought but something that became real. The tourism sector has made him a wealthy billionaire today. Guilherme Paulus hadn’t realized the business and technology skills he had until he worked in some companies like IBM as an intern. Working for other companies shed some more light to him on how the business looked like. Find out more:


Igor Cornelsen Investing Advice

Igor Cornelsen is one of the most accomplished investors in Brazil. Throughout his career, he has worked hard to add value to the people he works with. He is passionate about improving the investing industry in Brazil.

Igor has not always had a successful career. Early in his life, he did not have a clear direction for the future. He decided to make drastic changes in his life. He focused more on personal development and his health. Igor took a job at an investment firm and loved the work. He decided to start his own company helping clients with their finances.


Igor is a prominent investor in many industries. Not only does he own real estate, but he also owns shopping centers throughout the country. The middle class in Brazil is thriving. In the next few years, many economic experts believe that the middle class will increase by millions of people. Igor thinks that shopping centers will benefit the most from this change.

Igor enjoys investing in real estate because his homes provide passive income each month. He buys a few properties each year in developing cities.


Igor enjoys advising people of all ages. He firmly believes that anyone can have financial success if they stick to a plan. He recommends that his clients invest in both the stock market and real estate. In Brazil, the stock market is much more volatile than in other parts of the world. Many investors prefer less volatile asset classes.

Igor Cornelsen also tells people to avoid debt. As the economy in Brazil improves, many people are willing to take on debt. He has noticed many customers who have financial problems due to excessive debt levels. Although he has had a successful career, Igor is constantly looking for ways to improve as a financial advisor and investor.

Jim Larkin: A Hated Hero

In the history of Ireland, there aren’t that many figures that are both loved and hated by so many people like Jim Larkin. The union leader and well-known socialist was born on January 21, 1967, to a hardworking but impoverished family in Liverpool, England.

Due to the level of poverty in which he was raised, Jim Larkin did not receive much formal education. From a young age, he would immediately go to work as soon as school ended for the day performing manual labor.

He was able to work his way through the ranks to become a foreman at the docks in Liverpool. This position did not make him lose his intense empathy for the poor and manual laborers in Ireland and England. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

After joining the NUDL and joining his workers on strike against the unfair practices that the company followed, he was fired from his position as foreman. The National Union of Dock Labourers immediately offered him a position within their organization that eventually led to him becoming a trade union organizer as his full-time job.

However, the NUDL did not completely approve of how Jim Larkin conducted strikes. In one incident, he led a strike as a response to the increase in Chinese immigrants that led to many in the country losing their jobs.

This strike featured Jim Larkin and his comrades wearing costumes featuring Chinese stereotypes such as pigtails and yellowed skin. After this strike, Larkin was moved to Dublin where he proceeded to create the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union in 1907.

The ITGWU’s political programme was outlined in 1908 by Jim Larkin and his comrades. They were demanding that work hours be limited to 8 hours daily and that unemployed workers be offered compensation as the most important union goals. Among others were pensions for retirees, suffrage, and nationalization of means of transport.

After the Irish Labour Party was formed by James Connolly and Larkin a series of strikes were held such as the Dublin Lockout of 1913. This strike was held over the duration of 7 months and included an estimated 100,000 workers.

Read more: James Larkin | Biography and The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner

Impressionable Facts about Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a well-renowned expert in the field of mining and drilling. Having received his degree in sciences from the University of PennState, he went for further studies at the Florida Atlantic University, where he received masters in geology. Matt has studied natural resources for over two decades, and he fully understands the various factors that interfere with the latter. He is today a senior editor and publisher at the Banyan Hill publishing. At the beginning of his career at the firm, Matt launched his newsletter with the firm that is still named the Real Wealth Strategist.

Through the newsletter, Matt Badiali majorly focuses on sharing his counsel with people concerning the natural resources and the various ways that they can affect their lives and businesses. He has offered insight to a significant number of people through his advocations. Besides, Matt Badiali has striven to identify the best opportunities that nature provides to people, and as a result, he guides his readers on the best opportunities they can invest in for the acquisition of profits.

Matt Badiali has conducted numerous research over the recent years, and according to his assumptions, he believes that the natural market is easy to speculate and cyclical. He further insists that every individual that is passionate about investing in the latter ought to understand not only its finance in the market but also the science behind the natural resources.

Additionally, Matt Badiali believes that energy consumption is a change. With the various human activities that take place in today’s world as well as the different market trends that are ever-changing, Matt believes that other advanced methods and products will overcome the use of today’s fossil fuels. He believes that most activities will be electricity centered and he encourages people to start adopting change early before it gets them while they are unaware.

His advocations have profoundly contributed to the success of the businesses many people. Matt is unstoppable when it comes to accomplishing his, and he strives to share ideas with other people as well as conduct a lot of research in his field of specialisation to come up with valid assumptions.

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