OG Juan Perez Is A Trusted Member Of The Roc Nation Family

OG Juan Perez has been in business with Jay-Z for several years. The two men have a relationship that dates all way back to the 90’s. Roc-A-Fella Records was working out of the studio that OG Juan Perez was running at the time. He and Jay-Z began to immediately form a relationship after learning that they had a great deal in common. Both men were natives of New York City and very passionate about their hometown. They also had a great love for the local sports teams.

Jay-Z and OG Juan Perez formed several successful ventures including Roc Nation Sports. Perez and Jay-Z grew tired of hearing the story about professional athletes losing their wealth after they were done with sports. Roc Nation Sports will address money management and market the athletes in a manner that will bring them value outside of particular profession. The agency has signed several high-profile athletes and continues to push forward.

OG Juan Perez recently celebrated an evening out with friends. He was joined by his wife Desiree, Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce, along with several other members of The Roc Nation family. The crew made headlines by running up an epic tab on the night. They began at the Japanese restaurant Zuma, spending $13,000. The entourage then moved on to Made in America where they consumed $9,000 worth of Jay-Z’s signature brand of cognac. The night was capped off at a popular nightclub wear $90,000 was spent on champagne and other accessories. The total bill was well over $100,000, a jaw-dropping amount.

Jay-Z was given credit funding the activities and praised for spending such a lavish amount of money on his good friend. However, Jay-Z cleared the record and stated that OG Juan actually paid the bill.

About OG Juan: www.playbuzz.com/ogjuan10

Betsy DeVos Prepares For Political Battle Over Education Reformation

If you polled a dozen parents about what they thought the most important thing the government could do to improve their lives, you’d get more than a couple of them demanding some type of education reform. Public education is failing across the country and no amount of money being shoveled into the system is going to fix it. Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education for the Department of Education, is ready to take a different approach to fix education. Rather than taking the progressive approach and shoveling money into the issue, DeVos is ready to change it up entirely.


Bets DeVos rose to prominence in Michigan’s political scene by becoming the foremost voice on educational choice and school choice reform. DeVos, a proud Republican, has spent more than 30 years working toward fixing the state of public education across the country and she has largely succeeded despite not even working in a political position. As a private citizen and staunch supporter of the GOP, DeVos has instead donated and operated in the capacity of chairman for several major foundation and outreach groups that are focused on reforming education. Betsy DeVos, a parent herself, knows how hard it can be to find the right educational system for a child and that makes up the backbone of her support for school choice.


School choice essentially argues that parents should be free to pursue the paths of education that make the most sense for their own children rather than following the mandated paths laid out by the government. The concept didn’t originate with Betsy DeVos, though she now has become an icon of the movement, as it was first put into the public spotlight back in the ’50s by writer Milton Friedman. DeVos studied the works of Friedman and cites them as central to her role in the field of education reformation.


Betsy DeVos knows that she has an uphill battle with her goal of bringing school choice into the national curriculum but she DOES have momentum on her side. With 30 years of work in the field, Betsy DeVos has helped 17 states get school choice institutions. At the time of this writing, more than a quarter of a million students are enrolled in educational choice programs. This success was found by DeVos before she had the President by hers ide. Now, with President Trump’s support, how much further can DeVos go with her goal?


Visit www.betsydevos.com to learn more.

Fortress Investment Group: Investing in the Future

iPass secured $20 million in funding for their customers to enjoy the best traveling Wi-Fi experience available. The CEO and President of iPass, Garry Griffith, is just excited to offer his investors secure investments and less risk factors when getting involved with the new potential internet giant. The company is set to be hugely profitable seeing as nearly every business nationally and internationally requires some sort of internet access. iPass is offering its customers a service that will become more and more indispensable over time. Wi-Fi is not only important to companies, it is crucial to people who work freelance or from home. iPass gives those people the ability to work from any location they choose with no restrictions.

The company already had a secure $10 million from one of their investors Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group’s greatest goal is to help their clients gain great returns from investments that won’t have too many high risk factors and long term investments that continue to give back. Which is why iPass was such a great choice because the Wi-Fi industry is ever growing. Wi-Fi is a great business that will only become more important over time. As working on-the-go becomes more common for both people who work in big businesses and people who work individually, the need for free roaming internet services will become more interesting to the public. To know more about the company click here.

Fortress Investment Group has more than 900 people that are working every day to make sure their investors receive the best returns for their investments, and ensuring growth from all of these companies they recommend their clients invest in. They also manage $40 billion worth of assets and work with nearly 2,000 investors. Fortress Investment Group is an investment giant that iPass was smart to secure because they do such great work not only with their clients, but with the businesses they work with.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fortress-investment-group

Shiraz Boghani: Search + Article Recap

Shiraz Boghani, a chartered accountant by profession, is a serial entrepreneur who passionate about making a positive impact in the society. Boghani has led quite a successful life as an accountant, hotelier, and entrepreneur. Boghani who originally hails from Kenya, migrated to the United Kingdom in 1969 to pursue further studies as an accountant in an accounting firm. Boghani after qualifying to practice as an accountant ventured into private practice and started his firm. He actively practiced as an accountant for ten years after which he ventured into entrepreneurship.

Shiraz Boghani being an entrepreneur at heart spotted an opportunity in the residential care home industry and the hotel industry. Boghani began his entrepreneurship journey in 1985 where he co-founded Sussex Healthcare together with Shafik Sachedina. The following year 1986 Boghani founded Splendid Hotel Group. The Hotel Group that was established more than three decades ago boasts of having more than 20 trading luxury hotels all of which are spread across the UK. Follow Shiraz Boghani on Medium for latest updates.

Shiraz Boghani has made a lot of tremendous achievement in the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom. In recognition of his contributions to the hotel industry Boghani has received numerous awards the latest being the Hotelier of the Year award that Boghani was honored in 2016 at the Asian Business Awards event.

Shiraz Boghani is still in a mission of expanding his business empire. Boghani latest acquisitions include Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel including the New Ellington Leeds Hotel. Shiraz also co-founded Sojourn Hotels where he serves as the chairman. Shiraz is the head of growth strategy at Splendid. Shiraz also co-founded Sussex Healthcare. Sussex is a group of more than 25 care homes that provide care to the elderly, people with disability, neurological patients and people who have dementia.

Shiraz Boghani besides being a successful hotelier and entrepreneur is also a philanthropist. Shiraz dedicates his time and resources to charitable causes in the UK and abroad. Some of the organization that Boghani supports includes the Aga Khan Foundation and AKDN. Shiraz is passionate about his community as a result he voluntarily took leadership roles at the Ismail Community. Visit: https://companycheck.co.uk/director/905845035/SHIRAZ-BOGHANI/summary

A Close Overview of Peter Briger and his Achievements at Fortress Investment Group

Since the time Peter Briger left Goldman Sachs in 2002, he has been very instrumental in the improvement and enhancement of service delivery in Fortress Investment Group. This is a company that a lot of people admire for its magnificent performance in the investment management industry. A lot of investors are looking forward to investing their funds in the company due to the huge capital reserve that Fortress Investment Group possesses. However, the great achievements of Fortress Group cannot be separated from those of Peter Briger. As we speak, Briger is one of the world’s wealthiest billionaires, and all his wealth can be attributed to the success of Fortress Investment Group. Whenever the company progresses, the progress has a ripple effect on the wealth of Briger.

As the CEO and the President of the company, Peter Briger stimulates the growth and development of the Fortress Group through employees’ motivation. He ensures that all the employees of the company remain motivated so that they can focus on the achievement of the company’s goals and objectives. One of the ways in which he motivates the staff members is by facilitating training for the entire personnel of the company. The training ensures that the employees’ objectives are well aligned with those of the organization. As a result, the productivity of the staff members increases and the performance of the company improves.

Peter Briger is one of the leaders in the investment management industry who has managed to build a considerable reputation among the industry’s stakeholders and the investors. Every investor understands the competence of Briger, and they are always willing to put their funds under the management of Fortress Investment Group, where Briger is the watchdog. This has been as a result of the outstanding performance that has been demonstrated by his credit department at the Fortress Group, which he has been heading since 2002 when he joined the company.

Other than being a professional investment manager, Peter Briger also participates in philanthropy in the community. He has initiated an educational program that targets the children from the less privileged families, which funds their education with the aim of making them dependable individuals in the future.


Gareth Henry is an expert in International Investor Relations

When Gareth Henry joined Fortress Investment Group, he was entrusted with the position of Global Head of Investor Relations. The officials of the company knew about his credentials, and they were sure he would perform well in the sector. He has never disappointed because he led the industry successfully and customers were happy with his services. While working here, he showed that he was dedicated and brought all his experience to serve customers with diligence. He would listen to his customers and offer solutions to problems they were facing in the investment world. He used to the position to build his portfolio, and today he has become one of the most coveted asset managers in the financial world. Gareth is also a professional when it comes to International Investor Relations. That is why he has worked successfully at other companies like Angelo, Gordon & Co. The company is a private one and is focused on real estate and credit management.

When he was working at Fortress Investment Group, he operated in the United States and London. At the time he was in charge of management operations at the global arena. Fortress Investment Group is a company that is top rated for delivery some of the best services to the customers. He used his skills in international relations and helped the business to expand to other parts of the world. It became a large organization because Gareth Henry managed to attract many customers from around the world. The firm also became public in 2007 attracting many investors who were convinced by the services they received from Fortress Investment Group. His outstanding performance attracted Angelo, Gordon & Co. and he was hired to offer his services.

He used his time at Angelo, Gordon & Co to interact with clients and help them in different ways. Gareth Henry says when it comes to global clients, it is essential to offer excellent services. That is why he is always dedicated to providing his services. He has also worked at Schroders in the past where he was the Managing Director. Gareth Henry is an expert in mathematics. He studied a degree in Actuarial mathematics and statics when he attended Heriot-Watt University. Straight from university, he went to work at Watson Wyatt.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gareth-henry-a7bba4a4