Betsy DeVos Prepares For Political Battle Over Education Reformation

If you polled a dozen parents about what they thought the most important thing the government could do to improve their lives, you’d get more than a couple of them demanding some type of education reform. Public education is failing across the country and no amount of money being shoveled into the system is going to fix it. Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education for the Department of Education, is ready to take a different approach to fix education. Rather than taking the progressive approach and shoveling money into the issue, DeVos is ready to change it up entirely.


Bets DeVos rose to prominence in Michigan’s political scene by becoming the foremost voice on educational choice and school choice reform. DeVos, a proud Republican, has spent more than 30 years working toward fixing the state of public education across the country and she has largely succeeded despite not even working in a political position. As a private citizen and staunch supporter of the GOP, DeVos has instead donated and operated in the capacity of chairman for several major foundation and outreach groups that are focused on reforming education. Betsy DeVos, a parent herself, knows how hard it can be to find the right educational system for a child and that makes up the backbone of her support for school choice.


School choice essentially argues that parents should be free to pursue the paths of education that make the most sense for their own children rather than following the mandated paths laid out by the government. The concept didn’t originate with Betsy DeVos, though she now has become an icon of the movement, as it was first put into the public spotlight back in the ’50s by writer Milton Friedman. DeVos studied the works of Friedman and cites them as central to her role in the field of education reformation.


Betsy DeVos knows that she has an uphill battle with her goal of bringing school choice into the national curriculum but she DOES have momentum on her side. With 30 years of work in the field, Betsy DeVos has helped 17 states get school choice institutions. At the time of this writing, more than a quarter of a million students are enrolled in educational choice programs. This success was found by DeVos before she had the President by hers ide. Now, with President Trump’s support, how much further can DeVos go with her goal?


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