Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina & the History of His Company

Bob Reina is the founder of the hit video communications and marketing company, Talk Fusion. Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007 after developing the concept in his mind for the prior several years. Now, over a decade later, Reina is still leading his company to a myriad of different success stories. Plucking away at what makes Reina tick can be a great exercise in order to develop your own entrepreneurial skills. Let’s dig into what makes Reina tick, why Talk Fusion has a bright future, and what you can do to make that bright future like your own.Learn more :


To start out with we should go back to the beginning. Bob Reina had followed a career path into the police department where he worked as a law enforcement officer for a full decade. While on the beat in an off duty job Reina was introduced to a network marketing executive. This man helped Reina start to ponder what opportunities would be available on the internet in the future. Reina cites this meeting as his big moment but it wouldn’t be until a few years later that Talk Fusion would come to fruition.


Talk Fusion came out after Reina decided to develop his initial program: the Video Email suite. Reina had come to a roadblock while trying to send a video to family and friends around the world. The problem? No email client would let him embed the video into his message. Reina immediately got on the phone with a friend and IT counsel, Jonathan Chen. Together they helped to cultivate what Talk Fusion would become.Learn more :


Bob Reina knows that not all companies can come out of the gate swinging. In fact, Reina admits that he had worked in marketing before Talk Fusion and he had faced the problem of never making any sales. The problem, really, was the fact that he didn’t have a rock solid product. That, Reina cites, is the difference with Talk Fusion. Reina says that profitability came right out of the gate because, “We developed a game changing product at Talk Fusion, so our excitement instantly started making waves.”


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