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Rocketship Education is One in a Million

Rocketship Education is an approved school that is not for profit, and it is based in San Jose, California. The program has a network of K-5 schools that is fixated on individualized learning, and it was established in the year 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner. Their motto states that at Rocketship, they believe that every kid is entitled to a brilliant education and in that case, they can easily get admission to college which is a journey that begins in kindergarten. Therefore, this program makes sure that more than three-quarters of the students that attend this program get offered free lunch as food could as well be a problem in their homes. Being a free program, one would expect that the school would perform poorly especially with the enrollment of many students after it was founded. Surprisingly, the school did well as the students scored in the same level in their assessments as other schools that were in existence before the programs’ existence. In that case, the program got a lot of approval from the community and was regarded as an advanced option for students from low-income families. With such acceptance, Rocketship Education has grown massively and has expanded to several locations like Milwaukee, Nashville and the Bay Area.

Being a good course, the Rocketship Education program has received funding from various individuals and institutions. For example, Andre Agassi a former tennis professional funded multiple facilities related to the initiative precisely the Rocketship Rise Academy in Washington, D.C. Additionally, he dedicated the Rocketship United Academy in Nashville. In 2015, Netflix Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings donated $2 million towards the program to offer support to the Bay Area. Additionally, the Obama administration also invested $2 million towards the development of the program. With such help, the program has been able to assist a lot of children successfully. For such commitment and generosity, the Rocketship Education program has received an award from the Education Department. Therefore the program was offered a grant of $250 million to fund the management organizations for the construction of new schools.

The Distinguished Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is located in California at a place known as San Francisco. The institution is privately owned. Richard S Stephens founded the school in 1929. The school is the largest among private institutions that offer art and design in the region. The Academy of Art University contains 12600 students, 283 teachers who have been employed on a full- time basis and 1154 teaching staff who are part-time.



The Academy of Arts University has established its main campus in the New Montgomery Street. Richard S Stephens who was the founder of the institution was initially a magazine editor and a painter. Richard led the school up to 1951 when his son took over the school’s leadership. Elisa Stephens later took over from her brother in 1992.



The Academy of Art University has been an active participant in the New York Fashion Week. The event is normally held twice every year. Students at the institution have had an advantage of being transported from their classrooms to the dorms by a private bus. The institution was accredited in 2007 by the Association of the Western Schools and Colleges. 25 disciplines offer masters, associates, and bachelor’s degrees while others are offered online.



New individuals are usually recognized during the fashion week that is held in the New York. New talents are discovered through this event. The Academy of Art University held its fashion week in September 2017. The event was held at the Skylight Clarkson square where the fashion events are normally hosted. The MFA and BFA graduates took part in the event where two menswear and five womenwear collections were showcased.



The designers at the event were from different backgrounds including the coastal Maine and China. Techniques such as the craftsmanship and the silhouettes were presented at the event. Sara Kozlowski who directs professional and educational development was among the audience. J Alexander who is famously in the America’s Next Top Model show was also present. The internships, workshops and painstaking labor constituted fifteen minutes of the time given. The designers had a great vision for fashion where their mentors guided them through the event.


Betsy DeVos Fights Hard for Education in America

I think that there is a lot of talk about charter schools in the air because of Betsy DeVos. She has become the Secretary of Education that has made people have a real discussion about Charter Schools. I think that her outlook on education is a positive one, and more people will find out that the school vouchers and charter schools that she is talking about will be essential to reforming education.

She knows that the education system needs work, and she certainly has her job cut out for her as a Secretary of Education for the United States. She has compared the American school systems to other school systems, and she is well aware that there are great discrepancies and what people are learning in America outside to what people are learning in other nations. She believes that there is a lot of room for education to be improved, but she realizes that it takes the effort of an entire community. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

A lot of people have to get engaged with what their children are doing, and they have to know how to help their children improve their grades. Betsy DeVos all about helping those that are looking for help. She really wants to put her time into a better education system that is going to benefit people that would ordinarily not have access to a quality education. That may be the thing that gets her attention the most. Betsy Devos is well aware that people are paying attention to what is happening, and she believes that in order for people to receive a better education that they must be first conscious of what is going on. She has proven that education is important to her by putting a lot of her time into adjusting the education system. She has also given a lot to education. I think that these are two very important factors that people have to pay attention to. Anytime that a person is putting their time into in the education system I have to give them accolades. There is also a great level of admiration for all of the money that she has put into the education system.

Betsy DeVos is someone that has worked with her husband, and she has seen how their contributions to education can improve the education system. She has been able to witness a change in the way that students are learning through charter systems. She believes that she has a great steak and the overall outcome of children that are learning in America. She believes that she can make a difference with what she has been doing, and she plans to do a lot more for the education system in America.