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Getting the Best Service From Securus- What Customers Have to Say

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company provides detainee communications, government information management solutions, and parolee tracking. Securus Technologies serves more than 2600 correctional facilities in 45 states. Nationwide the company serves more than 1,000,000 inmates. Although its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, the company maintains offices the metro area in Dallas as well as one in Atlanta Georgia.


Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of civil and criminal justice technology solutions, investigations and corrections and monitoring technology. The company collects customer reviews on how its technology has affected their lives. This is necessary to know where to improve on and to evolve according to the customers’ demands. To be ahead of competition the company is always keen to the views of the customers.


Due to the good technology provided by Securus Technologies, it has had several clients for over a decade now. The customer recently thanked the company for its dedication to revolutionizing the environment in incarceration facilities and continuously helping improve public safety in the facilities.

In another situation, with the assistance of Securus Technologies, a corrupt staff member had a warrant issued against him for introducing contraband into the correctional facility. The staff member was consequently arrested in the morning. Securus technology is not only aiming to protect the correctional facility stuff but the inmates as well. Inmate security is a big part of the company’s duty.


The company provides investigation technology as well and has been recommended for its vision and duty for public safety. The company’s current assessments and in developing technology showcases that it is capable of improving the way investigations are conducted. The company has come up with new investigative tools will help the law enforcement community in ensuring law and order.

The company has provided technology that has been instrumental in solving many cases.


Prison Technologies Company Securus Technologies on An Investment Spree

Major prison technologies company Securus Technologies went on a major investment spree over the last three years. It invested as much as $600 million on patents, acquisitions, and technologies which it hoped would help it grow its business in the years ahead.


Among its recent remarkable initiatives is its effort to control contraband cell phones. Consequently, the company’s Access Solutions found acceptance in more than five departments of correction facilities. Another of its initiatives in this regards is its partnering with Harris Corporation for the developing Cell Defender technology. The piece de resistance was its development of Wireless Containment Solution, which came in handy in stopping the access of mobile phone networks by contraband cell phones.


It is not for nothing that Securus Technologies has earned the distinction of being one of biggest players in the fields of parole tracking, government information, and detainee communication. Securus believes in making the lives of inmates families easy when it comes to facilitating their communication with their loved ones, in that they treat them with the respect and dignity that they deserve.


They do this by providing them with easy to use inmate calling options that allow them to make the choice that is just right for them. They also facilitate video visitation through Android or Apple based smartphones, tablets and PCS. That Securus is extremely highly regarded by its customers is borne out by the fact that it serves over 3400 public safety, law enforcement and correction agencies that between them account for a whopping 1.2 million inmates across North America.


What really stands out about Securus Technologies is the fact that they handle the sensitive nature of their work assignment with utmost professionalism and passion. Not only do they ensure that there are no loopholes anywhere in the inmate communication system, they also do their best to make things easy for the inmate’s families.

Another notable thing about this highly respected company is the fact that they put their money where their mouth is. This is borne out by the slew of expensive acquisitions and investments they have made over the years so that their customers get nothing but the very best services. As a matter of fact, the way they have planned the short, medium and long-term growth of their company is a textbook example of professionalism and propriety.


Proud of belonging to Dallas, Texas, they have done their city, state and indeed country proud with the way they have expanded their footprint across North America. A lot of the credit is due here to the stellar management skills displayed by the company’s head honchos. Going forward, you can expect this company to grow from strength to strength if past growth is any indication.