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Randal Nardone: A success Example

The path to success is something that we are all on. We all have hopes dreams and aspirations that we want to come true. The path to success can be very long or very short depending on the person and what they choose to do. That’s why we must always strive to do our best and to make smart decisions in our endeavors. One person who understands this thoroughly and who can definitely be deemed as successful is the business man Randal Nardone. Randal Nardone is the interim CEO, co-founder, and the director of the company Fortress Investment Group. Her gas seen a lot of success over the years and history is definitely one to be paid attention to. Nardone went to the University of Boston and it was there that he received a Doctorates degree in Jurisprudence.

After college and with much potential he started working at the company Thatcher Profit and Wood. Eventually he worked at a different called BlackRock Financial. It was during this time that he started to find his calling and with some friends founded the company Fortress Investment Group where he worked as the chief operating officer. His main duty was to manage the structured finance and the legal matters of the company and he found success doing so. All this took place on the year 1998 and he has steadily climbed the ladder to success ever since.

By the year 2007 he was actually on the Forbes list at position 557. He has grown even more overtime and now is a 62-year-old billionaire with 53 billion shares in his company. Not only is he successful with the company but his employees and coworkers have had a positive reception and image of him. They regard him as friendly and they say that he makes the working environment easy for each employee to succeed in.Randal Nardone is a prime example of success being self-made. His company has lead him to billionaire status and to great social standing. He is an example of what hard work and believing in one’s self can truly achieve in life.

Madison Street Capital is Excelling in the Investment Industry

Madison Street Capital began its journey in 2005. It is an investment banking organization offering various financial services. It excellent services in business valuation, corporate advisory and other financial related matters. The company is known for successful mergers and takeovers. Every client who walks into this company is assured to go home a satisfied customer.

After making a great effort in what they do, Madison was awarded the year’s winner of debt financing deal. After being chosen from 650 companies competing for this award, Madison became the best. It offered the most appropriate advice to the WLR Automotive transaction.

The industry is very competitive for Madison. In order to stand out in such an environment, the organization has differentiated itself. Doing things differently from other competitors gives an upper hand and a reason for clients to choose them. One of the things Madison has done is to strengthen its brand.

Other companies are focused on targeting middle-market companies. While this may be a practical strategy, Madison has achieved a better position by focusing on brand-building. After the brand gained strength and stability, it was not difficult to bring in clients. They already recognized the brand and hence, trusted its performance.

Madison’s doors are open to clients who need advice on their finances. They are good at formulating practical strategies for resolving issues, especially in acquisitions. This company has worked hard and expanded internationally. Besides America, Madison is also in Asia and Africa. Since Madison is a brand, the same services and delivery in Africa and Asia is similar to American standards.

Customer relationship is of utmost importance to Madison. The relationship is initiated the first time a client walks in. The team knows that the first time always leads to more business in the future. The team always has an easier time when they understand their customers. Serving them and delivering to their expectation is more effective that way.

Madison has come this far because of the team of experts and staffs. It would be completely impossible for this brand to be successful without capable personnel. The company has skilled and experienced financial advisors and analysts to serve clients. These teams are also excellent with customer service. Some clients have been in this company for long because of exceptional customer service.

Madison Street Capital has set a pace in the investment banking industry. It is a leading brand admired by other competitors. As for Madison, this is a challenge to remain at the top. It is also a motivation to increase the standards and inspire other competitors to follow suit. It will all be for the benefit of the customers because they will be receiving the best. Industries ought to strive and deliver more than the clients’ expectations.


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