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Evolution of Smooth – How the Lip Balm Market Became Cool

Millennials want something that is unique and goes beyond just its basic use. What else does it provide? The founders of EOS lip balm beloved by Millennials, gave an exclusive interview to Fast Company on how they made lip balm cool.

 The Evolution of Smooth Goes Beyond the Clinical

Lip balm has been clinical for 100 years. The packaging gives prominent placement to “active ingredients” and uses medical terminology. Yes, sometimes you need to genuinely heal your lips. Realistically you will most likely reach for Carmex when that is the case. Everyday lip balm is for prevention and a part of your daily routine. Millennials want to focus on enjoyment and fun on a daily basis. Of course, the ingredients should be natural, organic, and all-around good for you, but this should be a given and not the selling point.

 The Evolution Gives Space to Cool

Without needing to focus on the ingredients, EOS creates the space the company needs to be cool. Beauty bloggers raved about EOS on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Celebrities beloved by Millennials signed-up to do endorsements and product placements. EOS placed a particular focus on pop stars; including sponsoring the world tour of Demi Lovato and having music video placements alongside Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. The orb-shaped lip balm was introduced to the Asian market by Taylor Swift.

 Capitalize on Your Ad Dollars with Social Media

Having the largest advertising spend in a market segment should never go to waste. Utilizing their campaigns, EOS has grown their social media presence to almost 10 million followers across their channels. A single photograph announcing a new EOS flavor can garner more than 40,000 likes. EOS put in the up-front investment and can now market their products purely from their cool factor. Want EOS? Order online: via eBay or Amazon today.