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How Jorge Moll Is Transforming the Brazilian Health Sector Using Technology

Technology has become the focal point of everything we do today. With this in mind it has become very difficult to talk about anything without giving a mention to technology, the health sector included. When it comes to the Brazilian health sector, Jorge Moll is leading the innovation from the front. Jorge Moll is a famed health profession turned a businessman who owns arguably one of Brazil’s largest hospital the D’OR research institute which also offers top-notch medical care to its patients.


Being a neurologist by profession, Jorge Moll finds the use of technology quite of importance to his research activities. According to Moll the integration of research and technology has helped him attach reason behind his research work thus guaranteeing him credible results. In addition to this, medical technology has numerous benefits to both health practitioners and the patients. The three most common benefits of this technology championed by Moll include efficient interactions between the patient and the doctor. Thanks to certain software patients are able to communicate whatever issues they have to their physicians despite them being miles away.


Secondly, medical technology has helped contribute to quality health care. At least with technology by their side physicians no longer have to divide their attention between management and providing care since the former is well taken care of by technology. This, in turn, leads to the third benefit which is of guaranteeing safer medical evaluation and treatment. With the precision at which technology works, there is a minimal margin of error when it comes to service delivery compared to other methods.

About Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is one of the driving forces behind Brazil’s growing health sector. With a background in medicine, Jorge Moll has been able to change the industry using technology. This journey, Jorge started in 1997 when he founded his first imaging company. He has been able to equip it with state of the art equipment making it the largest in the region offering quality services.


Mr. Jorge currently influences at least 24 hospitals with over 4,000 beds. Jorge Moll also offers educational services thus contributing to the industry in terms of knowledge.

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