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The RealReal Company Opens L.A, a Retail store in its Expansion Strategies

The RealReal company has officially opened wide doors of its retail store which is located in Los Angeles. It is a retail store that will specialize in all accessories for men, women, and kids. It will also add art decorations, furniture, and pottery to its stock. They will also sell unsigned beauty products made from natural skin care products such as kahina, Uma oils, and fibre. In the list are t-shirts, yoga mats, water bottles and caps. To keep the customers engaged and to prevent them from losing steam, coffee will be served by San Francisco Sightglass along with sandwiches, and pastries. Those who need to take a whiskey can enter a bar which is opposite the watch department.

This store will be a house full of all lifestyle assortments. Its size doubles the size of the biggest boutique in the New York. they will stock brands such as Ulla Johnson, channel, reformation, Louis Vuitton, Rag, and Bone.

In the handbag department, they will have a wide range of Hermes selection such as Kellys and birkins. You will also find stunning and unique bags which are rare to see anywhere else. These bags include Gucci Marmont bags and Dior saddlebags

On a separate entry, you will find a 5500 square feet men’s shop which has enough and comfortable space for sneakers such as Louis Vuitton, Yeezy, and Adidas. You will also find good watches from Patek Philippe to role models with complicated features. There is also a lot of curated selections like tom ford suiting, Hermes briefcases, and Thom brown jackets. Precious L.A brands such as chrome hearts, luxury streetwear mix, and future surf featuring product from Anderson, Valentine, and Garcons will also be available.

This firm has partnered with other famous entrepreneurs like will and Jada, Smith and family, Susan Sarandon, Dwayne Wade, and the Gabriel union. The RealReal is focusing on acquiring, authenticating and appraising each and every item

In conclusion, according to RealReal Chief Executive Officer and the management at large, watches are the fastest moving items. Therefore they are collaborating with horologists who are experts in repairing, band resizing and assessments.