Doug Haynes

Doug HaynesAccording to executive advisor Douglas (Doug) Hayne, the human element is cricial as the technical and functional underpins of success. In his career as a management consultant, Haynes insists the value of developing mutually beneficial relationships between himself and his high-level clients. He is proud to say his passion is helping people become better leaders.

Doug Haynes provides financial advice to corporate executives through his position as the president of The Council. His expertise lies in helping those who work within the global economy address risk management, capital allocation, and strategy issues. Before joining The Council, Haynes was an executive at Point72 Asset Management for nearly two decades. In addition to advising world-renowned companies, Haynes also serves as The Council’s Managing Partner’s advisor. With nearly two decades of experience working with various companies, Haynes brings unique perspectives to clients.

While studying engineering at West Virginia University, Haynes quickly understood business through internships and co-op opportunities. He received a scholarship to attend the Darden Graduate School of Management, where he developed a keen interest in management consulting. After graduating from Darden, Haynes spent three years working in various roles within management consulting before shifting to a new role at McKinsey & Company.

For 22 years, Haynes worked with his diverse client base and engaged at a high level, learning about how companies can grow and thrive. He shares his thoughts on how the opportunities afforded him as a member of this vibrant and collaborative community shaped his life.

Doug Haynes attributes his success to two rules. He says he remembers his father’s advice which is still very much applicable today. “Do the job before you to the best of our abilities every day. And make sure we work with people and organizations that have integrity.” Having followed these rules, Haynes says he has achieved great success.

Doug Haynes has a proven track record of giving back to those around him. His passion for helping people leads to this impressive list of causes that directly benefit those less fortunate than himself. He is an active board member of the Robin Hood Foundation and also supports Cohen Veterans Network.