Former CEO at Natixis John Hailer Discusses Motivation in the Workplace

What do employees want in today’s fast-paced, mobile-first job market? Today’s workforce is highly motivated and offers various skill sets. However, some companies have needed more motivation to reach their full potential during the past decade. How can businesses keep up with changes in the world, and how can they best motivate their employees? Former CEO of Natixis John Hailer has insights into these questions.

John Hailer is not just any former CEO of Natixis; he was also one of Forbes’s Top Ten Highest Paid Executive Coaches in 2015 and 2016. Therefore, his insights into leadership and employee motivation carry much weight.

John credits his success as a leader to his ability to change, “leaders need to be able to remain fluid and open-minded, even when times are difficult.” John says that the best way for leaders to stay aware of changing times is by improving their communication skills.

John Hailer suggests that leaders take time out of their day to remind themselves why they wanted the position in the first place. He also advises leaders to look at what they have accomplished so far and what they plan on accomplishing in the future. By doing this, leaders can set a goal for themselves that they can work towards, thereby increasing their motivation. This is crucial when trying to motivate an entire workforce.

John Hailer claims that giving them purpose is the best way to motivate employees.

Being passionate about your job and feeling you have a purpose in your career will increase your motivation.

If your company has employees who feel invested in its mission and intent, they will be more likely to set goals for themselves and ultimately become more motivated.

Motivation doesn’t just occur in one big “Aha!” moment; it comes from a series of small victories.