IM Academy, The Leading Forex Trading Platform

Many investors today are directing their resources into Foreign Exchange Trading. The positive thing about learning forex trading is that there are platforms willing to teach new beginners how to learn and become a pro on foreign exchange. An example of such a platform is IM Academy.

IM Academy is an online platform that provides digital education skills on foreign exchange products and services modules known as academies. The academies are divided into four distinct training programs available on the IM website.

IM Academy was founded in 2013 by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. Both of the founders are experts in foreign exchange trading and business entrepreneurs. Their main motive in founding the Academy was to enable learners gain skills through subscribing to in their online model. The academy platform also enables accessibility and interactive learning for all learners who wish to learn about foreign exchange trading. Later, learners would apply the skills instilled in them in their own way.

At the beginning of the foundation, IM Academy had fewer students enrolled in the platform. Over the years, the Academy has grown and expanded into approximately two hundred thousand who have benefited from learning.

Also, IM corporate’s structure now registers and incorporates other entities and institutions in its international markets. The institution also provides financial services such as registering institutions that need regulatory requirements and tax advantages, among other financial services.

Its main office is located in New York, USA, and is legally registered as a corporation. IM always stays ahead of other institutions and keeps a remote working model for its personnel to remain ahead and updated. It also hires experienced and top-quality experts globally to provide quality education to its learners. IM can operate efficiently without interaction through its excellent management, even during this pandemic season. See this article to learn more.


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