Reeve Benaron, Founder, Co-CEO at Intrivo

Reeve Benaron’s early life, education and career are the subject of his book “Chasing the Cup: My American Dream”. What makes him unique, is that he raced in the Tour de France for nearly three years, all while he was an undergraduate. As a student at Yale University Reeve developed an interest in cycling and began racing amateur races on weekends. 


He competed in National Championships and had won 23 of 34 races before making his move to France. Prior to his move to France, he began racing on the amateur level with a focus on the Tour de France. The healthcare expert achieved his goal of completing the Tour de France in 1999 and turned pro in 2000. Reeve Benaron was one of the best riders early in his career, winning 11 races at the World Cup and earning a spot on Team Cofidis for several years.


Reeve Benaron´s career goes far beyond. His entrepreneurial drive led to the founding of Intrivo, a company that licenses video technology to companies like Sports Illustrated Inc. and ESPN. The software, which Reeve invented, allows users to “tag” video footage and other data, so that it can be more easily found and used in new multimedia applications. In July 2005 Reeve co-founded eCycle.


In 2005, the successful healthcare and business expert Reeve Benaron was named as a founding investor and board member of the 7-Eleven Cycling Team, which began operations in 2006 (Doyoubuzz). 

This team had two key goals: to race the Tour de France, and to create an environment that would encourage youth participation in cycling. The outstanding team also became a platform from which Junior development teams could be launched in other countries. Additionally, led by Reeve Benaron, the team gives back to the community by donating bicycles to those most in need.