Ron Gutman at Virtusa Corporation

Ron Gutman is the founder and CEO of HealthApp, an inventor, a serial technology and healthcare entrepreneur, and a visionary. He is an entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and creating products that people love.” He attended the University of Pennsylvania on a Naval ROTC scholarship and received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (summa cum laude). 


Later, this was followed by an MBA from Harvard University. He served four years in the U.S. Navy, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) during his tenure at the Naval Aviation Warfare Center Training Systems Division. After completing his military service, Ron Gutman founded Centurion Software Systems, Inc., one of the first commercial database software companies to have national recognition for its innovative applications and sales growth. 


While at Centurion, Ron Gutman was also involved in designing database solutions for NASA and university research organizations. In 1985, the business expert and several partners formed a company called Terminal Software Systems, Inc. (TSS), providing executive management consulting, developing computer-based applications, and research & development software systems for commercial and government organizations worldwide. 


TSS became one of the most prominent organizations to have its services featured in numerous business periodicals and industry journals. He served as president, CEO, and chairman of TSS until 1996 when he sold the company to Virtusa Corporation (NASDAQ: VIRT) just before its public offering on the NASDAQ. Alongside with business partners, Ron Gutman has led the corporation to huge success.


Virtusa Corporation is now a technology leader in database solutions for commercial and government markets. While at Virtusa, he also assisted in the creation of the first community-based healthcare website for families of children with cancer and head injuries. Ron Gutman explains that, known as Medlink, this outstanding cutting edge technology service was acquired by Health Link International (HLI) from Hologic.