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Fortress Investment Group: Investing in the Future

iPass secured $20 million in funding for their customers to enjoy the best traveling Wi-Fi experience available. The CEO and President of iPass, Garry Griffith, is just excited to offer his investors secure investments and less risk factors when getting involved with the new potential internet giant. The company is set to be hugely profitable seeing as nearly every business nationally and internationally requires some sort of internet access. iPass is offering its customers a service that will become more and more indispensable over time. Wi-Fi is not only important to companies, it is crucial to people who work freelance or from home. iPass gives those people the ability to work from any location they choose with no restrictions.

The company already had a secure $10 million from one of their investors Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group’s greatest goal is to help their clients gain great returns from investments that won’t have too many high risk factors and long term investments that continue to give back. Which is why iPass was such a great choice because the Wi-Fi industry is ever growing. Wi-Fi is a great business that will only become more important over time. As working on-the-go becomes more common for both people who work in big businesses and people who work individually, the need for free roaming internet services will become more interesting to the public. To know more about the company click here.

Fortress Investment Group has more than 900 people that are working every day to make sure their investors receive the best returns for their investments, and ensuring growth from all of these companies they recommend their clients invest in. They also manage $40 billion worth of assets and work with nearly 2,000 investors. Fortress Investment Group is an investment giant that iPass was smart to secure because they do such great work not only with their clients, but with the businesses they work with.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fortress-investment-group