Tom Keane, Microsoft Azure Global Executive Empowering Organizations Worldwide

Tom Keane is a corporate leader in the technology industry with over 20 years of experience managing teams and companies with operations worldwide. He is the vice president and general manager of Microsoft Azure Global. In this role, he leads a global engineering team tasked with developing the Azure cloud computing platform that every country, industry, and customer in the worldwide market can implement. 


Through Tom Keane’s leadership, Azure has worked with industry leaders in the space community to support their clients and partners more. In 2021, Azure entered into a partnership with Airbus allowing them to access premium satellite images and elevation data in Microsoft’s Azure Maps. The partnership was aimed at unlocking new cloud computing scenarios.


In addition, they aimed at empowering customers worldwide, providing insights they can use to develop innovative solutions as Tom Keane recalls. One of the solutions that Airbus imagery combined with Azure Machine learning and AI can provide is promoting a more predictable supply chain. Businesses can analyze and collect insights into global shipping patterns and consumer purchasing trends and apply the data in their decision-making. 


Combining Azure services with Airbus imagery can also help identify hazardous situations such as fires, giving the newest data to first responders to act fast and use the safest routes to protect those at risk. In addition, software developer and engineer Tom Keane’s company hopes to use Azure Space and ground operation imagery to restore diminishing wetlands. 

With the help of Airbus’s satellite imagery, Azure will supply data to scientists, local and international agencies, and ecological researchers. They can then use the data to analyze changes in complex ecosystems and take appropriate action. In a recent award ceremony, Tom Keane said that their customers have access to a “rich set of cloud capabilities’ ‘ that they can apply in their businesses.