Hughes Marino Best Representatives in culture consulting


Hughes Marino is an internationally respected tenant and buyer representation firm that provides a wide array of commercial culture consulting services. The company has served national clients for years with extensive advising and advisory services. The management team has strong experience in construction management, project management, lease restructuring, lease accounting, lease auditing, and portfolio leasing.


Overall Overview

Hughes Marino can help you achieve your goals by meeting your needs at every step. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies and several public entities that operate in various industries. Hughes Marino’s interest was in tenants and buyers to avoid disputes in lease transactions. 


The firm can achieve this goal with a great staff of lawyers with many years of lease transaction experience. Hughes Marino represents tenants and buyers in all aspects of the lease transaction, including the negotiation, document preparation, and review and negotiation of lease amendments. 


They provide comprehensive representation at closing that includes a compliance checklist to assist clients with identifying potential risks in the transaction. At Hughes Marino, their reputation is based on responsiveness, quality service, and attention to detail from inception through closing.

Hughes Marino serves new and existing clients together. Hughes Marino offers a wide range of services, including tenant and buyer representation, lease restructuring and sale-leaseback transactions and program management. They also specialize in portfolio lease administration/advisory services for culture consulting investors, construction management of office and commercial buildings from schematic design through occupancy, planning, and design (from conceptual to construction phased phasing), physical distancing analysis to establish control zones around occupied structures, a