Damien Granderson, Entertainment Lawyer at Granderson Des Rochers Llp

Damien Granderson is an entertainment lawyer who provides legal counsel to a number of businesses in the arts, acting and television industries. The media and sports lawyer successful attorney received his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center where he was awarded the highest accolades for his writing and legal acumen. Damien has also been featured on Above The Law. 


This, for his work as an entertainment attorney, an entrepreneur and community leader. With over 10 years’ experience, he understands the demands of high stakes litigation and has provided insight on various topics including digital copyright infringement, parody rights, fair use law and more. Damien Granderson is up to now the most reliable entertainment lawyer currently at practice.


He has represented Rolling Stones Records, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., A&E Television Networks, and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Damien Granderson has also handled cases involving the estates of Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Janis Joplin. In 2013 Damien received the ALAA award for entertainment law excellence in Los Angeles.


This, for his representation of Janis Joplin’s estate and the late Jimi Hendrix for whom he authored a book chapter on Hendrix’s representation by legendary music manager, Michael Jeffrey. Successful entertainment and sports media attorney Damien Granderson also worked on the legal team that represented Fox Networks Group (Imdb).

This is the entertainment division of News Corporation (parent company to Fox TV), in its case against Al Jazeera America. He has been central to numerous landmark copyright cases including Cup O’Tea Productions v. Myspace. This is a landmark case in which Damien Granderson was lead counsel for a number of internet service providers and other industry members who together argued that overbroad copyright claims by record labels were harming innovation, competition and free speech on the internet.