Hughes Marino Advocates for Tenants

Over the years, we’ve nourished a collaborative and people-centric culture that drives innovation. A family-owned and operated local business, our team believes that building lasting relationships is key to success. At Hughes Marino representation firm, we nurture these relationships through an incredible service provided to customers, employees, partners and the community.


In a time when conventional project management brokers were working almost exclusively in the service of landlords, Hughes Marino knew commercial project management needed a revolution. Breaking away from convention, the team became pioneers in advocating for tenants who had never before gotten a fair shake at the negotiating table. Championing the underdogs, they advocated for corporations that had never previously had a fair shot at winning space, advocating for them during tense negotiations between landlords and tenants.


We represent tenants and purchasers in virtually all industry types. Our team carries out lease and sales transactions from two thousand square feet to two million square feet in every part of the country, maintaining our client’s growth objectives and financial targets front and center. At Hughes Marino, this unbiased expert commercial property representation has gained clients’ fierce loyalty across the US.


From local small businesses to large national brands, we strive to protect the rights of those who entrust us with their legal needs. Our attorneys at Hughes Marino understand how to navigate complex regulations, statutes and case law. 


We also work hard to keep our costs down so that clients can focus on what they do best – running their businesses. Now, decades later, Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm is one of the nation’s most sought-after tenant representation firms. They strive at offering unmatched expertise and profound operational support to clients across the country. We strive solely to serve the best interest of our clientele, and we do so better than any firm out there.