Stitch Fix: An Expert on Summer-to-Fall Wardrobe Flexes

Summer’s heat is giving way to fall and Stitch Fix has the know-how regarding clothing that works best in that late-summer/early-fall period. Found below are the top six items that their stylists recommend for any fashionable femme in early fall.


Some Basics

Before we get to the specifics, here is some general advice. Hold onto those florals, light layers, and flowy pants. These are foundations that can still bring summer’s cute and clever vibes to your fall look. Consider your wardrobe and how you might work in some new prints or different proportions.



Stitch Fix blog states that a chambray shirt pairs well with bright shorts and sandals, giving a nice contrast in textures and style. You can also layer it, unbuttoned, over a tank and tee.


Floral Skirt

Stitch Fix tells you how to wear it. They say that a floral skirt can bring summer’s brilliance to a muted August and pairs perfectly with sandals and a sleeveless top; just keep a light jacket handy after sundown.


Neutral Blazer

The blog talks about blazers. This goes perfectly with white denim and can be paired with a tee or button-down shirt to keep a laid-back vibe.


Tie-Waist Pants

These are versatile for any season; dress them up for fancy events or pair them with sneakers for errands. Dining al fresco? Add a raffia bag or a tank, Stitch Fix recommends.


Moto Jacket

These work with so many warm-weather outfits that it rarely goes wrong. A print jacket with some light sheaths or a skirt and top is divine. Stitch Fix fashion blog has these types of recommendations and more.


Dark Denim

Just mix this with some brilliant, upbeat patterns and textures like gingham or raffia.