The success and current status of Ross Cameron

Ross Cameron is a married man of two boys. His main interests are sailing, playing tennis, riding bikes and working on classic cars. He is also a full-day trader and founder of Warrior Trading. He liked to stay busy and trade, which allowed him to create a community. Ross is a full-time trader who learned the stock market from his uncle in the 5th or 6th grade. 


In 1997, he was offered a trip to New York City and a semester on stock marketing. In 2001, while still in school, he bought an Ameritrade account and shares in Exxon Mobile, Caterpillar and US Steel Pfizer. In 2001, Ross Cameron enrolled in New Hampshire for a teacher’s certificate.


In 2003, he had web design and ceramics jobs; unluckily, web design was not a college major. He worked at Sunoco gas station in 2005. Ross Cameron moved to New York City after his father died and applied for internships after college. He worked at an architecture and design firm as an intern.

Trading Gurú Ross Cameron

In 2009, Ross managed assets by himself and learned how to day trade. He encountered losses, had to stop day trading and began trading stocks, where he learned to be a disciplined trader. Since Ross Cameron knew how to create websites, he made a WordPress blog and documented everything he did. 


He wrote his first book, How to Day Trade, in 2015, and beginner traders would consult him on whether they have the right strategies to grow their accounts. In 2017, he founded a new trading account and decided to aim for millions. An economic shutdown caused a drop in the market due to the pandemic, and retailers began to market. Ross Cameron has continued to be a trader and a supporter of the trade beginners, which satisfies him. He also has a thriving community of active traders.